Saturday, February 26, 2011

Tangerine Bolen's Open Letter to the US Government

Tangerine Bolen 26 February at 17:03 Reply • Report
All - we ARE doing something. The problem is, we all need to coordinate better and work together. And yes, we do need to build a huge, global community of very visible supporters.

RevolutionTruth is doing just that. We started as a small video project and are now a short film with Michael Moore, a website and global campaign. Julian Assange and Wikileaks are excited about and really grateful for what we are doing.

On the first day of our launch people from 142 countries representing 91 languages signed on to the Open Letter to the US Government. Over 8500 people have signed - from nearly every country on the planet. This first project for RevTruth is NOT a petition. It is a letter - spoken on film, and signed, by courageous people from around the world. We will be ceremoniously delivering this letter on behalf of all of you, to Washington.

Moreover, RevolutionTruth now has 30 Field Producers in 25 countries who are working with us to submit press releases about the upcoming film and to collect more footage for us.

We need YOU. We are building a complex site to host this global community, and we have the platform we need. When we launch our short film, it will go out to immediately to nearly 2 million people.

So - please help us build this community and be a global presence and force to be reckoned with. We need writers, tech people (including drupal programmers and moderators), field producers, and others. Field producers will be getting credit in the film with Michael Moore.

The website will have our emails up this weekend. By midweek, we will have content up. This site has a dual identity - one, it focuses on the people - our growing, global community of people dedicated to ensuring access to accurate information and to legitimate democratic governance. We will be a platform and venue for your voices to be heard, for people around the world to be recognized. On this front, we need your video messages!!!! These will be posted on our front page and possibly used in the short film. (Message me for details).
On Facebook or look at

Two, RevTruth has a strong focus on separating fact from fiction. The "Distortion Free Zone" needs writers to present short articles showing what the media or govs said, versus what fact-finding Wikileaks found.

All - WE need to come together - quite strategically - to function as a watchdog for Assange and Wikileaks and for our freedoms.

We are doing just that. Please join us. We are starting weekly Skype conference calls with our field producers. If you are all interested, we can hold another call for you in the next couple of days. Let me know....And please, help us help Julian.

Thank you.