Saturday, February 26, 2011

Anonymous Messages on You Tube
Operation Leakspin - December 2010
Hilary explaining WHY she is such a big FAN of ANONYMOUS.....Aren't you Hillary ?
Admit it...
Open Letter from ANONYMOUS - 17/12/2010
Anon taking the time to explain what Anonymous is about. For any one who does
not get it yet.
Like the logic. If it doesn't get picked up, then it is not Anonymous.

We dit not make this, but we like this
Anonymous New Year's Message. A little late but hé, better late then never.
"You will no longer be in control......"
"You are guilty of many crimes against humanity...."
Answer to Anonymous from Awarness.........
Not very new, but a particurlarly funny bee from the hive......we are not all the same....
WHO is Anonymous..........?
Beneath this mask there is an idea, idea"s are bulletproof.........
"Dear Fox News..........."
"We are in your supermarket......"
"There is no official........"
"We are not Terrorists.............."
"Hahaha...............this will give Aaron someting to do for at least another 10 month or so........"

Dear Mr. Barr,
I hope that you realize that all of the figures on the board have to be identified before you can pretend 

to have a clue who is leading the non existing least you won't be bored.
"B.......the babel......." or is he the big bad wolf ?
Luckily I am not the one who has to figure that one out.......and it would easily
exceed Aaron's brain capacity.

we are anonymous

we are legion

we do not forgive

we do not forget
Go Aaron Go and find the cake, research it......
Knowledge is Free........
Italian Anons................ listenings to Vivaldi's Four Seasons
Aaron if you are looking in........I decidet to give you a little help...with the difficult research>
Check out one of the Ringleaders of Anonymous hanging inside a tree at 00.15 seconds.
I would arrest that one very fast. He is usually the one that plans new cyber attacks.

"Anonymous verändert sich gerade dramatisch" | c't
Ein Interview mit Anonymous zeigt, dass hinter der Protestbewegung mehr steckt als bloße Lust an der Randale. Der lose Zusammenschluss wird immer politischer. Eines der Ziele: Die Verteidigung der Presse- und Meinungsfreiheit um jeden Preis.
Operation Freedom : Everything Anonymous
Anonymous Tube Videos
Welcome to AnonOps Network | Anonymous Operations (AnonOps), Fighting for freedom since '10
AnonOps is a network frequented by Anonymous and used to conduct operations, most notable for 

hosting Operation: Payback and Radio Payback
Wikileaks needs your help - Discussion
Posted by Andrew McInnes on February 12, 2011 ·
Thanks to the stupendous success of the HBGary raid, Anonymous has begun AnonLeaks. 

First up will be, as I understand it, more recovered HBGary emails.
Join in on the Epic Fail Parade: follow AnonLeaks on Twitter. Do it for the lulz.
Tangerine Bolen's famous project with an open letter to the US Government.
Please sign the petition and submit a video or photo's and text.

WikiLeaks Movie? 'Revolution Truth' Trailer Hits Wikileaks' Facebook Page (VIDEO)
Wikileaks posted this video on their Facebook page. The documentary, which is being called Revolution Truth, claims to feature the "images and voices" of both Julian Assange and Michael Moore.